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Of all the freshwater fish species that are very popular with fishermen, the walleye happens to be one such specie native to the northern regions of US and large parts of Canada. The walleye which is also referred to as the pickerel, colored pike or walleyed pike in the various habitats of North America is closely related to the European pikeperch.

Walleyes can be distinguished by their gold and olive colorations and large mouths with numerous sharp teeth. Since the walleye is highly palatable, it is fished extensively both for commercial and recreational purposes. The fish is nocturnal in nature which means you’ve a good opportunity to hook it if you fish at night using lures or live baits that resemble minnows. Before starting with your fishing season it is important to consult with a professional. Whether it is a simple phone repair service or a fishing trip, professionals are always helpful. If you’re in search of a good phone repair company in California then you can contact

Walleyes can be ensnared as well as cooked in different ways-two good reasons why you should go walleye fishing in your next angling trip. You’ll have it easy while attempting to trap the walleye as the fish is an aggressive gormandizer and not choosy at all. As walleyes have a tendency to draw in water surrounding their prey, you’ll be better off using smaller baits or lures. Following are some of the walleye lures that might go a long way in enabling you to net a huge catch at the end of your angling trip.

  1. Spinnerbait

As it terminology clearly implies, this bait comes with a swivel that spins around (just like the real one moving through the water). The premium spinner baits have swivels made of durable and non-corrosive metal, usually titanium and are mounted on ball bearings that allows it to rotate or twist in water fooling the walleye to mistake the lure for a real minnow. For best results set the spinner bait with your line in a manner that it is able to move freely while you troll or position yourself in the weeds.

  1. Wally Diver

The Wally Diver is undoubtedly is one of the most extensively used lure because of its exclusive design or structure. The bait perfectly resembles a small fish and has a transparent cylinder jutting out of its mouth that you connect with the tackle. This bait type does the job perfectly as the same jiggles or twists partially and goes down deep, really deep when you cast your line. It remains stationary when you are but attracts the walleye all the same and it comes cheap.

  1. Slick Jig

Another walleye lure that is inexpensive yet gets your job done is the slick jig. It appears like the minnow that the walleye has a penchant for but can also be made to work with a live one. The slick jig can go down to the water bed and sit pretty still or can waggle as you’d want it to-both the techniques work seamlessly when it comes to luring the walleye to take the bait.

  1. Mad Flash

Perhaps no other walleye bait looks as good as a live lure as the Mad Flash. The body has shimmering scales with holographic eyes-enough to pull out the walleye from its perching. If you’re lucky, you may end up with a large catch sooner than later.