Walleye are among the most popular fish that are found all around the nearby fishing spots of New York. The thing that makes it one of the best in the area is the sweet tasting meat and its availability in abundance. The fish has teeth but they are preferable as they are not part of the pike fish family. They are actually referred to as the biggest toothiest creatures from the perch family. The unique name that has been given to them is due to the distinctive eyes they have that reflects a layer of pigment known as tapetumlucidim. It allows them in seeing pretty well during the night hours as well as the time when low-light periods are there.

They are usually found around  the states and their habitats range from both small lakes as well as rivers. They can really be big at times and sighting a 32-inch walleye fish from shores of Oswego River is quite a known fact. The weight of these fish could be anywhere around 11-15 pounds and are best caught during the night hours or early dawn. However, due to overfishing there has been a restriction and anglers are charged a resident license fee. The fees range from $5 to $ 25 and are proportionate to the period one takes it for. A non-resident fee is also available whereby an annual fee of $50 can be paid or a single day fee of $28 can also be paid. There are other packages which are on offer as well. For detailed information about the licenses, one may visit the State Department of Environmental Conversation.

There are other rules that applies for statewide fishing. For instance, a statewide limit of catching the fish is restricted to 5 fish with the minimum size of about 15 inches. The rule however, vary from different fishing areas.