The fishing method that you need to adopt while catching this beautiful fish varies with the type of water one is fishing in. It may be bait or lure fishing but there are a few common things that have to be kept in mind while trying to go for this game fish. We have summarized them below to facilitate you to have a better chance in capturing one of these great species.

  • Very Active species: These are pretty active by nature and usually tend to stay far more active during the low-light hours. This is particularly during the time of sunset or before the sunrise. Hence, if you wish to have a good catch or increase the chance of catching this fish, it would be advised to try to schedule the fishing hours to the time of sunrise or sunset.
  • Can be located within a couple of foot of the bottom: Walleye is usually found deep below the surface which is about a foot or maybe two from the river or water bed. However, the only exception to this would be the time when the fish comes to the surface to feed on the alewives. However, fishing near the bottom is a good starting point when it comes to catching one of these creatures.
  • Think out of the box: When you are on the lookout to capture a Walleye, it is not necessary that you would try to read through the hot-to books which usually recommend that to be a place that is unusual and during at unusual times. Hence, if you are looking to be great angler then it is important to think out of the box and be smart if the traditional methods or location fail to produce results.

There are many more things like devising a strategy, timing the strategy, and making use of the right set of fishing equipment when you wish to increase your chance of catching a Walleye.