If one goes by statistics, there are over 188 million Walleye which are available in abundance across the New York region. Although, spots are many but there are some hotspots that give you an ample chance to try fishing the large fish. These are mainly known as walleye fishing waterway where they are not stocked and have a naturally breeding population in them.

Fishing at any of these lakes is recommended to be done at the sunrise or late evenings after the sunset. The chances of catching a Walleye increases drastically during these hours as the fish appears near the surface to eat their food. Also, during light winters the fishing season is at its peak in any of the following areas.

Some of the well-known places include the names of the following lakes:

  1. Oneida Lake, Northeast of Syracuse & near Great Lakes
  2. Lake Erie, Painesville, Ohio
  3. Oswego River, Oswego County
  4. Lake Ontario’s Eastern Basin, Easterm Great Lakes, Hudson Lowlands
  5. Whitney Point Reservoir, Broome County
  6. Susquehanna River, Northeastern United States
  7. Otisco Lake, easternmost of New York’s 11 Finger Lakes
  8. Conensus Lake, westernmost of New York’s 11 Finger Lakes
  9. Chautauqua Lake, Mayville, NY

The rules of fishing Walleye in the above places vary and one needs to make sure that they are well-aware about them beforehand. Moreover, there is enough information which is available both online and offline to facilitate the aspect of information sharing. The other thing that needs to be kept in consideration is the fact that one needs to make sure they abide by these rules as the consequences are pretty harsh and can be strongly against an individual violating the same.